Time will tell

I’m fearing I have unleashed a scourge upon the land for allowing my child to set up her own Minecraft server. But also secretly looking forward to the potential parental bargaining tool. (And it’s not a server on our network, so there’s that.)

Will this be a learning tool and encouraging responsibility? Or am I being an indulgent parent by giving in to the chant of her whims? “Can I have a Minecraft server? Can I have a Minecraft server? Can I have a Minecraft server?”

Time will tell. Or not.

So replace the word “week” with “month”

Because twice a month is a more accurate description of my posting habits. I’m going to try a little time warp today. I better buckle up.

Away With You!

This is quite possibly the earliest we’ve managed to get our Christmas stuff put away. Previous year our artificial tree seemed in no hurry to take itself down and put itself away. So eventually we just had to force it down — taking the ornaments off by February and then dragging out the tree box an stowing it back in storage. Last year we stowed it in a garbage can instead. Most of its pre-lit lights would not work and we felt it was time to part ways. This year we got a smallish but nice fresh-cut tree. It was a really pretty one. The last pick up for “fresh” trees was on January 8, so we had that tree down by the 7th — day after the Feast of the Magi, the 12th day of Christmas. But we lingered a bit on actually packing up all the other holiday sparkle. So yesterday, instead of starting another project, I actually finished packing up Christmas and putting it into storage. Did I mention it’s still JANUARY and there is no more Christmas stuff our in our home! OK, except for the lights in the kitchen, but those have been there for two years so they don’t really count. I’m just going to call them “decorative” lights and leave it at that. (And it’s probably time to pitch those too.) Go us!

What was I saying about unrealistic goals?

Yeah, about that.

I’m keeping it as something to aim for, but I won’t beat myself up if I don’t hit the goal every time. I think I can live with this idea.

Clearly Unrealistic

My idea of blogging once a day for a year was clearly unrealistic given that I posted nothing yesterday. See how long that goal lasted? Yeah. So the other option was twice a week, but I think I can do better than that and should go for five days a week. I feel like five days a week will set up more of a habit. And I should try to stretch the goal into a challenge, just not too much of a challenge or there’s no way it will happen. So my goal is going to be like a work week, five days a week, but I get to choose the days and I can get some “vacation time” so that if it’s crazy busy or loved ones have birthdays (like yesterday, happy birthday to my awesome honey) then I can skip it without feeling guilty or like I must make it up the rest of the week. Next up my goal will be to blog about something other than blogging.

Happy New Year, 2014!

Contemplating a challenge to myself to blog once a day for a year. If it’s a tiny blog post I could probably manage. But twice per week might be more realistic. Hmmm.

I Had No Idea. None.

Before I was a mom and worked full time out if the home, there were days I felt busy. Some days I even felt “too busy” and like I had no free time. I was wrong. I had no idea what busy was. None. As I write this as I laugh out loud at how little I understood the concept then and at how many places I’m supposed to be and things I’m supposed to do in the next few days. There is no way I can do all if this, so now my main task is to figure out what gets dropped. Already I probably won’t have time to actually eat lunch today, just like yesterday. So posting this in three “free” minutes instead. That is all.

Pumpkin Spice Coffee Creamer

I’m normally more of a tea drinker, but there are times I really enjoy coffee. And this is the time of year for Pumpkin Spice Lattes! One of many reasons to enjoy autumn. Starbucks and other coffee shops have offered a version of this yummy drink for years. Until recently I’d been, pretty much, oblivious to pumpkin spice flavored coffee creamers. I made some of my own pumpkin spice lattes at home by sprinkling pumpkin pie spice into my coffee along with some sweetener and milk. This works OK, but my proportions are inconsistent and the spices always leave a sludge at the bottom of my cup. I am not fond of sludge even if it’s tasty sludge. So while shopping last week, the Pumpkin Spice Nondairy coffee creamers caught my eye. And now I’ve tried both of the major offerings so I though I’d write a little review.

International Delight Pumpkin Pie Spice, Seasonal Edition, Gourmet Coffee Creamer
This was yummy, but not as strongly spicy as I was expecting. I can taste a good bit of nutmeg which skews the flavor a bit into the eggnog range. I love eggnog, but it isn’t what I normally look for in a pumpkin pie spice. I wanted more cinnamon, ginger, and clove or allspice in the flavor combo to really live the pumpkin pie experience. This one contains palm oil which I generally prefer over anything hydrogenated, so that’s a plus. But to be fair, this creamer contains casein which is a dairy product. So while it’s found in the nondairy creamer section of the store, it isn’t truly nondairy. I’m ok with that part, but if you’re dairy free you might want something else.

Nestlé Coffee-mate Pumpkin Spice
This had much more of a pumpkin spice flavor. Possibly a little heavy on the ginger. I could even see how it might have too much spice for a few folks to whom I’d say, “use less if it’s too strong.” But the pumpkin pie spice flavor is there along with the expected sweetness and creaminess of a flavored, nondairy creamer. It was pretty darn yummy. The downside is that it contains hydrogenated or partly hydrogenated oils, and I don’t like that part. I can get over it for the occasional once-in-a-while treat, but would pick something else for a year-round coffee creamer.

Both pumpkin options were basically yummy, added flavor, sweetness, and creaminess to my coffee. Neither one left a spicy sludge at the bottom of my cup. Yay! But both still reminded me of coffee creamer product — not bad, but it might get to me after a while. The consistency of
International Delight Pumpkin Spice was a bit more “natural” than the Coffe-mate if I had to choose. Yet the Coffee-mate had more of a pumpkin pie spice flavor. Both options cost way less per serving than venturing out to Starbucks for a Pumpkin Spice Latte. Overall, will buy again.

Yay, 5K

My daughter and I ran/walked a 5K at a fundraiser today. We didn’t come even close to winning, which is no shocker, but we did it! It feels good! Next year we’ll do more training so we can improve our time. I think we did better than last year so that’s something. We’ve been getting more exercise than last year too so I feel like we’re headed in the right direction.

Holy Cow: Bras and the Cat

Yesterday I purchased two bras for my daughter — her very first bras. I think we’re both a little traumatized. It’s a big deal! But we’ll be fine. It was time. She’s wearing one of them today. So far, so good.

Also yesterday morning I accidentally locked one our cats in my daughter’s closet and he was stuck in there the entire day! I’m pretty sure he was a little traumatized, but not too badly since he mostly sleeps during the day. He seems fine. I’m just glad he didn’t leave any “aromatic gift packages” in the closet. And I’m glad I didn’t mess up even more and accidentally lock my daughter in her closet and buy bras for the cat. ‘Cause, I swear, there are some days that might be possible.

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